Cera’s Waxes brings a new world ring_01cutting style of wax carving to an old world tradition. Using hand crafted tools, each piece is hand carved with a style and accuracy not normally seen in hand carved waxes. Every piece is carved under a microscope using hand cut blades, a custom variable speed, motor, and is never filed. This technique is incredible. It cuts down on time, but not on quality.

The wax carving process can be a one of a kind original, or a full production piece. Anything from a simple band with a design special to your customer, or an elaborate show piece using your gems and stones. We have also partnered with the best locksmith near federal way to ensure all our locks are properly taken care of.

Explore our site to find out more about Cera’s Waxes wax carving process, our custom engraving, and how you can learn to carve waxes using our techniques and tools to create beautiful works or art.